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Spring 2020

UpdatedFriday March 13, 2020 byJeff Campbell.

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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR CONFIRMED TEAMS (managers can send an email confirming teams participation starting February 6)

We look forward to another fantastic Spring season. We will have a start date coming as soon as possible (lin April due to COVID-19) registration is open - ONLINE ONLY. In order to be scheduled for the season you must have at least 12 players fully registered ONLINE by set deadline. No players will be permited to play unless registered online by season start. This is a new year for MDCVSA participation so all players must renew/register with MDCVSA before thay can register for the CSL Spring 2020 season once registration starts. Again, any and all players will need to register with MDCVSA before registering for the league. The annual fee each player will pay for MDCVSA is $21 which helps cover umbrella insurance costs (fields etc.), player secondary insurance costs and MDCVSA program costs. You can start your MDCVSA registration/renewal here. As each team manages their own rosters, please do not attempt to regsiter at any level until you have a confirmed team (no refunds for your MDCVSA fees will be issued). If you are interested in finding a team please email us at Once new players have registered with MDCVSA, then you will go to the CSL registration side and register for the Spring 2020 season and select your team as part of the process. The team fee remains at $70 for Spring 2020 and all players must register online, to insure we have complete information per MDCVSA rules. In order to prevent forfeits due to lack of players showing for games, the minimum number of players that must be registered for a team to be active and participate is 16.
For questions on rules, refer to the Policies & Procedures that can be downloaded from the Download section of the website and be reminded that each player can only be rostered on one team per season, regardless of division, and any attempts to do so will result in immediate disqualification of the player and potentially the teams involved. Also, we have received numerous reports of threats, intimidation and baseless accusations against the refs that have our ability to have the higher level refs for our games in danger. Those players, managers and teams that were involved will not be invited to participate this season.

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