Active Season Policy Info

UpdatedThursday October 11, 2018 byJeff Campbell.

We wanted to make sure that all teams are aware of the standard league policies on in season player additions and team transfers.

First, the league has had a long standing policy of not getting involved in the individual affairs of teams, including their internal politics, player playing time, and management.

Second, as the CSL is a United States Soccer Federation sanctioned amateur competitive league that has attained premier status level in the state of Virginia, the league has an overriding responsibility to protect and maintain the competitiveness of the play and the integrity and perceived integrity of the competition during any given season. That requires that team structures stay relatively constant once the season starts. We allow for unforeseen issues with players by leaving registration open for new additional players through the 3rd game of the regular season and in the case of this season we extended until the 4th game because of the unforeseen and unusual long weather delay during September. This however, has never covered players already playing. This is consistent with other high level leagues. 

An in season shift in rosters from one team to another team within season can directly impact the determination of the regular season championship and indirectly impact the playoffs by directly impacting the standings/seedings for the playoffs based on regular season play. 

It is for these reasons along with long standing league precedent that in season roster shifts are not granted.

We encourage any and all active players to work within current teams for season participation and to consider organizing new teams for future seasons should they desire to run their own teams.